Blinq Launcher:Customize the interface of Android and give a new face to the system

Blinq Launcher
Blinq Launcher is an application that serves to modify the look of your Android by swapping the style applied in the main system screens.

So, you can change some visual model of the device and the way in which you make your interactions with the display.

Keep in mind that, after installation, the activation of the launcher to get it to perform your modifications. Likewise, the ideal is that, if you like the program, it is set as the default application to initialize the system, making it easier to use later.

With a different style
In its first opening the application, it makes an interactive navigation through the available functions. Initially, only a splash screen is added to the Home, but you can change this easily feature in the settings. In addition, for the initial screen you can also change the effect of the scroll, interact with widgets and wallpapers, modify the grid, hide the Android notifications, among other options.
Blinq Launcher

Application screen is with a transparent effect very elegant, displaying your wallpaper as background. The degree of opacity of this screen can be easily adjusted as well as the behavior of the scroll. The application still brings a series of optional settings, such as packages of icons, everything to you adjust it according to your needs.

Valley only reinforce that, as usually happens when installing this type of program, your widgets and shortcuts of the current model will be completely lost.

Our opinion
Above you gave a complete description about the Blinq Launcher and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Blinq Launcher is a personalization program that aims to change the interface of your device and also the interaction with certain items. In the case of this particular application, there’s so much as make changes to lighter, exchanging a few basics, how to customize various details of Android.

This is a free version of the application and has some functions limited. Such items are identified in the settings, there is an indication that are only available to those who buy the full program. Your home will be modified to a transitional system of canvas in the style of “cube”, featuring this kind of effect between the transition of screens.

Although initially only one of them is added, you can easily modify the quantity in the settings. In addition, to make the visual aspect of the screen better, it is also possible to make many customizations in your widgets and buttons, as well as change the package of icons used in the system.

In the settings you can also hide the Android notifications, working in a sort of “full screen” mode.

Different styles
The system to add widgets, shortcuts and folders is pretty simple, since such options are available from a long touch on the Home. Manage wallpapers also follows this model, offering an easy way for you to swap them. During our tests, the program has adapted perfectly to the system running without any kind of problem.

As already mentioned, the application has a wide range of possibilities of customization that can be applied from the settings. However, due to the amount of items available, we need to explore each of the menus so that you can get an idea of what can be accomplished.

Thus, the use of these preferences can end up looking like intimidating at first, but a couple of interactions so there are no more doubts with regard to what can be changed. All changes are worth while the launcher is installed, getting active permanently until you make the exchange for another initializer (there is no deactivation by using buttons or turning off the appliance).

Thus, it is also interesting that you define as default, avoiding to be asked which program you want to use whenever you make an interaction. As already mentioned in the description, if you have any widget on your home screen, it will be lost, as happens when you install an application of this style.


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