Business Card Maker : Create your Professional Calling card with in one minute

Business Card Maker is an online service in which you can set up business cards and custom business according to their needs.

With it, you can create a card with a professional touch, even if you do not have knowledge in design and or experience with image editors.

The program has a number of pre-assembled models, but still you’re not locked into a specific composition, being possible to change elements of place as judge best suited. At the moment the service is free and the only alternative paid on application is referring to the impression of the product — which is entirely optional, and you can make the cards without any commitment.

Your way
Those who do not have a business card knows how he can make out of it. However, it is not always easy to create your own template, especially if you don’t have a lot of affinity with image editors. Thus, an application like the Business Card Maker can be the alternative you were seeking.

The application interface is well organized, with some design patterns already ready for you to apply. There’s no need to create an account to use the application and, once you go to the page of the service, it is already possible to start its creation. All functions are arranged directly on the screen, and the first step is to choose a background between the available.

business cardsWhen you click any of the items, note that the template is loaded in the preview, and you can change the background as many times as you want before you start editing the text.

Adding the data
Once selected the background, just start filling out the available fields as it deems appropriate. As a suggestion, use the program contains sectors to you put a logo, your name, phone number, e-mail and website, region. However, as already mentioned, you are free to insert what data it deems suitable.

Similarly, you can change the “fields” of place, just dragging on the screen to the location you prefer. If you want you can modify the background after inserting the data, because they will not be erased. When everything is as desired, simply click on “Download files” to save the card on your computer in PDF or JPEG format.