Face.Im : Facebook chat with bubble-shaped notifications in Google Chrome is an add-on for Google Chrome that adds a shortcut to the Facebook chat to the browser. With it, you can access the chat through an independent window, activating it via a button that is on the browser add-ons.

In addition to facilitating access to chat, the also increments the notification system using bubbles on your screen. So, whenever you receive a new message, a bubble with the contact photo that wrote and a preview of the text sent appear in Chrome, helping you not to miss anything.

This function is optional, so you choose if you want to keep it active or not, ideal resource to leave everything well organized and discreet while the other functions of your computer are explored.

Messenger inside of Chrome
faceimEnable Facebook chat with the is ridiculously simple: just press a single button. After that, a new window pops up on the screen and you must make your social network login, loading instantly your message history and allowing contact with any of your friends on the service.

After that, just talk at ease, remembering where it is possible to receive notifications on the desktop through smart bubbles. In them, you see not only the picture of the contact that sent it, but also a preview of the text. When you click on a circle of these, you are taken directly to the message screen.



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