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hi-q mp3

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder is an application that makes audio recordings. No matter the type of sound you need to record, he is able, for example, to record voice notes, songs, conversations and make recordings in open spaces like auditoriums, classrooms and even in large concert spaces.

The recording happens in real time, supporting the MP3 format, one of the most popular internet. In the player, there are default options such as play, record, pause, back and forward.

You can pause a recording and resume where it left off. The control feature bits also helps decide the final quality of your audio (there is choice between 32 to 320 Kb, but remember that the higher the quality the more the file is heavy).

Two important details have highlighted in the application: one is that the user can choose between the rear and the front microphone, before starting the recording; and the other is the fact that you’re in Portuguese.

Record and share

After recording, you can share the audio with cloud services like SoundCloud, Evernote, Catch, Google Drive or send to Gmail. In addition to sharing via internet, the app uses the Bluetooth technology that shares files without the presence of Wi-fi, 3 g or internet.

If you prefer, you can copy the files to other devices, or to the computer using USB cable or SD card. Another possibility is to share the files recorded with Skype and Messenger WhatsApp.

Complete organization

To organize everything that has already been recorded, the application has a feature which renames audio manually and can delete unwanted recordings, including to free up space in memory. Moreover, the application for automatically recording so that identifies that there is free space for storage. A clever feature of the app is to allow the user to customize the amount of space only to save generated files in it.

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder has a free and paid version (costs $ 8). The limitation of the free version is the recording for only ten minutes. Download and try!

Our opinion
Audio recorder for Android in Portuguese, simple use and that fulfills its promises: writes in mp3 and in high quality. For those who need a powerful Pocket recorder, this is one of the most recommended.

Has configuration options that change the audio quality, has one of the most important equalization effects, gain-improving efficiently the recordings – and still manages to send the files to accounts on online servers used a lot, as Google Drive.

For musicians, the support for SoundCloud is a plus. It is possible to record sound (essays, voice and guitar, singing lessons and Studio) on the device and share the direct file in the service profile. In addition, the app has multiple sharing options: via bluetooth, USB and SD card.

Facility to record is the high point. Just press the rec and the application starts working. The result is a CD sound recorded on your mobile. Another plus point is the interface, very simple and beautiful, which still shows the time of recording in real time and displays data, such as the memory space occupied by the file recorded.

The application leaves much to be desired in the free version, which prevents recordings lasting up to ten minutes. So, eventually becomes a app for testing and not exactly a free service such as calling itself. Mainly because of the propaganda announce that the app can’t record shows, the time constraint for recordings makes its use deceptive, unless the show has duration of only ten


Good interface
In Portuguese
Quality of the recordings (CD)

Limit of 10 minutes for free version writes




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