HTC: Nexus 9 and two more tablets are under development

Twitter profile becomes @Evleaks warned that the manufacturer HTC works in three tablets currently. The bad news is that the products are unlikely to reach here officially, since the company closed once the activities in Latin America.

The first gadget is the T1 Volantis, also called codenamed Flounder and, according to some rumors, the next member of the Nexus line. For now, it’s not confirmed that the Taiwanese company will be responsible for production of the model, but the speculation is becoming increasingly strong and frequent.

But that’s not all: the @Evleaks still warns that other two models are under development. They are called so far of T7 and T12 — and the numbers can be related to the size of the screens in inches, if the rumors are confirmed.

It is worth remembering that, recently, two rumors involving the HTC tablets were denials — and, for now, the above information, although they are new, should also be treated as speculation so far.


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