Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit : Prevent the entry of malware that exploit vulnerabilities

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit is an application to prevent the entry of malicious applications on your computer by means of system vulnerabilities.

By applying a constant monitoring of programs open on your computer, the software tries to keep them protected against threats.

To do this, the program maintains a system of preventive protection (real-time) to detect all attempts of abuse and prevent them immediately. Valley only reinforce that this application is still under development and testing (Beta) and it may not always behave as expected, introducing bugs.

Preventing vulnerabilities
Typically, an antivirus is able to cope well with virtual pests scattered over the internet. However, there are malwares that are focused on exploring previously known vulnerabilities in applications and attack them before the “weakness” is published and updated in the databases of these tools.

This type of attack is known as “zero-day attack” (zero-day attack in a free translation), because it occurs in “day zero” of science. To prevent the entry of malicious software that take advantage of this type of problem, the ideal is to install a program like Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

With him, you ensure the monitoring of a number of applications on your computer, such as browsers and components that work in conjunction with them, for example.

Total protection
Immediately after installing the program, as a default, it immediately activates the protection of your computer. The application remains active in the background and, to access your dashboard, just click with the right mouse button on the icon in the system tray and choose the alternative “Show Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit”.

The program’s interface is divided into tabs so that you can see more easily the information available. On the first tab, General, you can observe the number of protected applications, how many attack attempts were blocked and the amount of uploaded files to quarantine. In it, you can also stop protection by clicking “Stop Protection”.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

The second tab, “Shields”, bring a list of all programs for which the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit supports. In “Logs” you can view the activity history, displaying the application’s protected software on your computer. Finally, “Exclusions”, probably serves to set up a “white list” on the computer, but, apparently, the function is still disabled.



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