Olitham – Movies & Live TV

OlithamOlitham brings a huge amount of entertainment content for your smartphone. The application allows you to watch the series and movies on the screen of your Android-simply choose the attraction you want to enjoy and push the play so that the images begin to turn on the display of your device.

Besides, you can still choose whether the series or the movie you’ll watch will be on the version with subtitles or voiced. All this is available for Android owners free of charge. However, you must have a device with a strong configuration for the Olitham can be downloaded, installed and for it to work perfectly.

It is also possible to add the videos you like to a list of favorites, Watchlist. That way, you never lose the attractions you most enjoyed and can access them quickly.

Content presented

The attractions offered by the Olitham are the most varied possible. The application brings movies and series of several companies already known by the public, such as Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, Tri-Star, Sony Pictures, among others.

One of the hundreds of films presented by Olitham, there are several very famous films, such as T, Big Daddy S.W.A., the legacy of Mr. Deeds and Joe and the cockroaches. As you can see, many classics are brought by the application, in addition to the latest feature films.

Already in relation to television programming, the application delivers bringing established world TV serials, especially comedy. The repertoire includes Married With Children, Seinfeld, the three Stooges, in addition to more than 1 1000 episodes of Anime.

The Olitham is brought to the world of laptops and also to the web by Sony Pictures Entertainment, being a division of that company. The content accessed on your Android can also be checked by the official service.

It is extremely difficult to find a program or a website that provide quality entertainment content, free and easy access. Most services cobra – and very well charged-for videos that offers.

However, the Olitham is a total exception to this rule. Besides having a catalog with a variety of movies and series, the application still quirk in how all this material is presented for those who want to watch him.

You cannot say that all the news of cinema and television are Olitham, because the focus of the program is clearly older attractions. Therefore, if you expect to find newly released movies in this service, you might as well give up, because you’ll hardly find.

The same is true in relation to the series. Olitham offers more ancient and classic sitcoms, however. All material provided by the service is of the highest quality: the images are sharp, the reproduction is made without any lockups on the screen and the sound does not play any type of noise or cutting.

In addition, the possibility to choose if you want to watch the dubbed or subtitled attraction gives a lot more possibilities of use for those who are watching. This feature is valid for much of the material provided by Olitham and works perfectly.

Not only that all these advantages, the service still has a few more excellent features. One of them is the fact that you can access the entire contents of the Olitham on the official service directly. Also free of charge and with high quality.

Something very interesting is the Olitham site search system presented by him. If you want to find all kinds of media (provided by the page) that talk about a particular subject, just search the keyword and the service shows the exact minute the term or the topic is mentioned in the videos. An extra facility that counts many points.




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