PhotoScan is an app of scanning pictures released by Google and completely integrated with Google Images. Through this application, you can scan and save your favorite prints – old or new, whatever – using the smartphone’s camera.

The process is simple and requires you to aim the camera at certain points of the photo until it’s completely incorporated into the roll of pictures. This procedure is required for the program algorithm can balance the light and dark passages to deliver a digital image without reflections.

Don’t take a picture of the photo. Create advanced scans!

The entries made through the PhotoScan create prints no reflections with a stream of easy capture. The cut (or “cropping”) is performed automatically at the end of the process based on the detection of edges, creating straight and rectangular scans with perspective correction.

Yes, you can run all the step by step with your photo upside down! The rotation is smart so that your photos are always in the right position, regardless of how you scan them. The whole process takes just a few seconds.Integration with Google Pictures

The backup of your scans can be done with the app Google Images, also free, so that your photos are kept in a secure location, searchable and organized. You can customize your stuff with movies, filters and advanced editing controls.

Just send a link to share them with anyone. Prepared to take those pictures of the chest and transfer them to the phone in high resolution JPEG format?

The PhotoScan is simply sensational. There are other apps that do what he does, but its integration with Google Pictures and with all the giant ecosystem of searches is the main seasoning of success. Who never took that old photo, found in the trunk, and took another picture of her from the phone?

The app allows you to scan this engraving and the transfer into the roll of your appliance, no secrets, fast and easy. And in high quality! Simply aim at the points that appear in the image, in a process that is fun. This makes the application work algorithm to balance the light and the dark and thus delivered an image equalized, no reflections or smudges.

Another plus point is the integration that the PhotoScan has with all the Google ecosystem. In a matter of seconds, you send your scanned photos to Google Images, and everything is in the cloud, stored safely, easily manageable.

Generally speaking, the PhotoScan was the app that was missing for you, definitely, transfer those old photos to your phone – and, consequently, to the cloud, so you’ll never miss anything. Sensational!


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