Purchase of Beats by Apple is implemented

apple beats

Till May this year, Apple has one of the largest acquisitions made this year buying the Beats. However, today only the u.s. Government agencies have approved the operation and beat the hammer to the completion of the deal.

Apple paid $ 3 billion to acquire the maker of luxury headphones, but neither company made any detail in this sense about the purchase. Anyway, the CEO of Apple and the co-founders of the Beats they published in their respective accounts on Twitter that the operation had been carried out by the Government and, now, the Union of the two will begin in fact.


Tim Cook welcomed the entire team of Beats and even released the space page link to the Apple Web site prepared for the occasion. On the other side, Dr. Dre, the man who can be considered the image of the Beats was saying “We reimagine the sound once again …”.


The privacy policies of the Beats have been updated today, but the new contract does not cite Apple by name in no time. Despite this, the online store of trademark headphones already went off the air in some regions and all their products are now available at the Apple store. At some time, also expected the massive presence of these products in physical stores of Apple.


Apple made an internal announcement and company executives said in interviews saying that would be avoided by most do layoffs of staff of Beats. Still, it is certain that it will not be possible to keep all 700 employees.

It is estimated that up to 200 of these people will be exempted from the Beats in a few months and, depending on the cases, relocated the Apple itself. However, Apple has conditioned this reallocation to the availability of jobs in its headquarters. So, there’s no telling how many people get and how many will actually get fired. Other than that, the remaining development team Beats will continue at its headquarters in Santa Monica, California, USA.


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