Soongz-MP3 Music Player

SoongzIn Soongz-MP3 Music Player, you can find a complete music sharing application in which it is possible to listen via streaming, the most popular songs of the moment.

On the initial screen, the app automatically loads the artists more ears. Anyway, by tapping the icon shaped like a magnifying glass from the upper-right corner of the display, you can do a manual search and find your favorite songs.

In the results screen, just a touch on the desired item to start the playback via streaming. You can also download the MP3 for your gadget by tapping the second icon from the top toolbar.

Underneath, the traditional controls “rewind”, “Play” and “next” allow you to pause playback and navigate through your playlist with total naturalness.

Our opinion
Above you gave a complete description about the Soongz-MP3 Music Player and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
If you are looking for a new application to download and listen to music online, the Soongz-MP3 Music Player is an excellent free option for you to try on your iOS.

Intuitive and organized
SoongzMP3The program interface is very well organized, intuitive and is entirely in Portuguese, making enough things for those who do not get along with gender apps that are only available in English.

The toolbars at the top and bottom give access to key features and are always visible, while the dynamic left-panel can be ordered for you go straight to playlists, the history and the downloads folder. In a few minutes, is easy to explore all the features of the system and feel comfortable with the app.

Excellent collection
The large number of available songs and the organization by band sum enough points to Soongz-MP3 Music Player. The possibility of being able to listen to the songs via streaming or download them directly to the device memory is also excellent and will please the people who don’t always have a connection available.

The only feature that takes some points of the app is that, eventually, are uploaded screenshot advertisements that negatively affect usability. There are also banners within the interface, but they do not usually generate involuntary clicks.



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