Sweet Home 3D : Create your floor plan and visualize 3D construction

Have you ever spent hours imagining what it would be like your dream home? Five bedrooms, swimming pool, a wide living room, a beautiful kitchen and much more. All this is possible with the Sweet Home 3D, an incredible program to design your dream house or do a simple reform in the room.

Without having to be an experienced architect or interior decorator, the user only need creativity. With that, just put on paper, or rather, on the screen of the Mac, the desired reform.

This program provides the necessary resources to reform and create any kind of room or House. To open Sweet Home 3D for the first time, the user is faced with a window divided into four areas:

sweethome 3d1. furniture Catalog: organized into categories, all furniture possible, since sinks until beds are listed in this area.

To view particular furniture, simply click on the triangle located next to the name.

2. list of furniture: There are listed all the furnitures that you entered in your House.

Information such as name, size, and other characteristics are also shown. The order of the furniture you choose (title, category, etc.).

3. House Plan: have an instant preview of your House plant. Draw and destroy walls. Make your Mac screen reform before breaking out the walls around!

4.3D Vision: see your home in a three-dimensional model, to have a better notion of the provision of furniture and walls.

A very useful feature of the program for users who want to use the plant assembled to build or remodel a home, Sweet Home 3D’s ability to deal with the dimensions. Choose how many inches will have your bed, build a wall and create your plan the way you prefer.

Are dozens of furniture for bedroom, kitchen, doors and Windows. Didn’t find the mobile by which sought? Just go to the website of the developer.

There are hundreds of free downloads of extra items that were created by users themselves. On the website you find even unusual objects as costumed characters, trees and cars supermodernos.



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