Virtru: Email Privacy For IPhone

Virtu is an application that works integrated with an email account and aims to increase its security in Exchange for virtual messages.

With him, the content sent is encrypted automatically, but you can specify an expiration date for the item and avoid that it can be forwarded to other people.

To use the application it is necessary to create an account. This is done in the initial screen of the program, indicating an account name, an e-mail address and your password to access the customer indicated. The program supports various services quite popular, including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, among several others.

Encrypted messages
As already mentioned, the idea for the Virtu is to increase your security when sending e-mail messages. Shortly after your registration, you need to wait a few minutes for the application to load the data from the mail client indicated in the account creation process. Once this is done, whenever you receive a new item, you can press the button to open directly in the Virtu.

Virtru1The application interface is very simple and very familiar to Gmail for iOS. To start sending a message, simply click on the button available for the task and begin typing your text freely. Then, open the security options you can associate an expiration date for the message and select the option “Disable forwarding” to prevent escalations.

At the end, when you select the send option, the program automatically applies encryption on content and starts the procedure of sending the message – something that can take several minutes.



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